Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our new pets

Callipiters!!!!!! We have 4 ! Haze named them: Trouble - coz he kept climbing all over the car and escaping, Hungry - coz he was always hungry, Fatboy - you guess why, and Goliath - he's te baby one. The 3 big guys are now in their chrysalis's and Goliath is growing fast!

Spider!!! Eek!!!

Ok remember that movie arachnophobia? We have those spiders at our house ! Eeeeek! Haze was soooo impressed!

Swimming today :-)

After the school holidays - a 2 week break - haze is sooo ready to get back in the pool!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shark boy!

Play centre this week- all he wanted to do was be a shark and do shark things like make a shark pond and eat like a shark and swim after people jaws gnashing. It was decidedly hilarious!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big owies

Haze came home from kindy today with this HUGE splinter in his foot! Tried to get it out but for fear of making a big mess of it shot him into the doctors. He cut along the length of it and then just tweezered it out! Haze was pretty brave. Took two of us to hold him down still coz he is so good at throwing his weight around. But only cried whilst the doc was doing the cutting :-) aaallllllll better now :-)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

When the mums away...

Soooo I went shopping with the ladies yesterday and grandad said he would have Hazen. I distinctly remember the last thing I said was don't get up to mischief! Well, I get home and what did I spy? A really short haircut and RED hair!!!!! Bahahahaha!

Shark attack!

This morning before church haze and I played with the play dough. He wants sharks please ! And lots of them. Most of the sharks he made himself! And then he needed some fishies for them to eat and a family of seals- just because. He made whale sharks and tiger sharks and hammer head sharks and thrasher sharks too!